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St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary School follows the Ministry of Education’s Administrative Handbook for Standard Operating Procedures – Education Directorates: DES-HRDD001-09 (3.2.4 – p.43 – OPS/70/04) dress code for teaching staff:

1. All teaching staff should adhere to a dress code which conforms to the status and dignity of their profession. It is to be remembered that members of the teaching staff are role models to their students/pupils. Hence, their appearance, style and dress should reflect normal standards of suitability and propriety.

2. Casual dress worn in schools should be tasteful and appropriate for a school setting. Casual dress encompasses various styles. However, for a school environment, casual dress should be smart and appropriate as the appearance and conduct of each member of staff projects the image of the school with students/pupils, parents and others who visit the school from time to time. Thus, extremely casual wear and revealing clothing of any nature are not considered appropriate as school casual attire.

3. It is at the discretion of the Head of School to determine any other accessory or item of clothing as unsuitable in the context of the school environment.

4. The dress code is applicable for all school and Education Directorates’ activities including In-Service Courses and Conferences/Seminars. The dress code is also brought to the notice of all new members of staff including student teachers.

5.  St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary staff members must set a good example of dress and appearance by adhering to the following dress code: sleeveless tops, spaghetti straps, low cut blouses/dresses/t-shirts/tops, shorts, see-through material, flip-flops, low-waisted jeans/trousers/shorts, and beach-wear are strictly prohibited as we feel that these are not suitable for staff working in our school. Tops must not be revealing, cropped or short and must not have low-cut necklines. No bare midriff under any circumstance. Skirts and dresses should be of knee length.

6.  School visitors, including parents/guardians and pupils’ relatives are kindly asked to adhere to the school dress code.

7.  We kindly ask for your co-operation, if in doubt please check with a member of the SMT and please spare us and yourself the embarrassment of having to be asked to go home to change.


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