Pupils of the Month 2011-2012


These certificates were handed on 14th November 2011 as part of the visit by Mrs M. Abela on behalf of the Malta Community Chestfund and Istrina 2011.

1 Aladdin Kyren Desira For kindness and solidarity.
2 Care Bears Bradley Sapiano  For kindness and solidarity.
2 Chicken Little Kieran Grech  For kindness and solidarity.
3 Bob the Builder Maria Atanasio  For kindness and solidarity.
3Garfield Alyiah Ellul  For kindness and solidarity.
4 Crin Isaac Camilleri  For kindness and solidarity.
4 Zipper Isaac Masini  For kindness and solidarity.
5 Alvin & The Chipmunks Justin Caruana  For kindness and solidarity.
5 Madagascar Suiony M. Caraboot  For kindness and solidarity.
6 Garfield Nicole Higgins  For kindness and solidarity.
6 Popeye Luke Attard  For kindness and solidarity.


1 Aladdin Isaac Cilia Participation and neat work
2 Care Bears Bjorn Camilleri  Very good behaviour. Neat and organised in his work
2 Chicken Little John Andreas Baldacchino  Shows effort and helps other students in the   classroom
3 Bob the Builder Manuel Abela  Overall effort and improved behaviour
3Garfield Josmar Grixti  For effort and participation
4 Crin Maria Cristiano  Excellent behaviour, includes all students during   class activities
4 Zipper Kurt Mizzi  Excellent behaviour and helpfulness
5Alvin  & The Chipmunks Mireille Cassar  Overall effort and participation in different   activities
5Madagascar Michela Calleja  Excellent behaviour
6Garfield Daniel Picco  Excellent behaviour and is always willing to help   others
6 Popeye Shazney Spiteri  Excellent behaviour and reads a lot


1 Aladdin Aleandro Mizzi  Very organised, neat and excellent work
2 Care Bears Luca Camilleri  Mature for his age and a good leader
2 Chicken Little Dorian Debono  For effort and participation. Good leadership skills 
3 Bob the Builder Aiden Vella  Very good behaviour and overall effort in   participation during lessons
3Garfield Gilmore Cutajar  For effort, especially in English 
4 Crin Matteo Mangion  Very good behaviour and helps others during the lessons 
4 Zipper Jake Dalli Balzan  For improved behaviour 
5Alvin  & The Chipmunks Amy Grech  Very organised, neat and excellent work 
5Madagascar Liam Abela  Very good behaviour and great work 
6Garfield Leona Duca  Excellent behaviour and is always willing to help   others 
6 Popeye Jake Aquilina  For effort and participation 


1 Aladdin Marwa Hassen  Good leadership skills, willing to help others
2 Care Bears Chenise Ciantar  She is showing progress in her reading and writing.   She likes to read a lot of reading cards
2 Chicken Little Ryan Gravina  Willing to learn. Improvement in reading
3 Bob the Builder Fleur Scicluna  Improved handwriting, reads a lot and writes   excellent book reviews
3Garfield Emily Desira  Willing to help other students
4 Crin Braydon Caruana  Offers help to other students.  He is a good leader
4 Zipper Owen Mangion  For showing progress in reading and writing,   especially in English
5Alvin  & The Chipmunks Justin Sultana  Effort and participation especially in languages
5Madagascar Dejan Bonnici  Excellent book summaries
6Garfield Samuel Grima  Neat presentation of work and great love for reading
6 Popeye Kristian Galea  For effort and participation especially in History


1 Aladdin Sven Farrugia  Improvement in reading and recognition of the   alphabet
2 Care Bears Nirvana Tabone  Overall effort and participates in different activities
2 Chicken Little Yasmin Zammit  Excellent work and overall effort. Mature for her   age
3 Bob the Builder Marco Coreschi  Overall effort and improved behaviour
3Garfield Redent Baldacchino  Overall effort and improved in his behaviour
4 Crin Gianluca Busuttil  For improved behaviour and effort
4 Zipper Steve Baldacchino  For his excellent Maths skills and for trying hard   to participate in English language. For helping out during different lessons   and activities 
5Alvin  & The Chipmunks Anthea Dimech  Participation and motivation
5Madagascar Sami Agius  Reads a lot. Excellent work and behaviour
6Garfield Shamizen Buhagiar  For his continious effort to improve
6 Popeye Darren Micallef  For excellent behaviour and excellent work 

MARCH 2012

1 Aladdin Kaden Grech  Overall effort and improved behaviour
2 Care Bears Tiffaney Psaila  For presenting excellent, neat and organised work.
2 Chicken Little Kelsey Ciantar  Improved handwriting, work is neat and on time.   Willing to help others
3 Bob the Builder Cassidy Psaila  For effort, especially in reading
3Garfield Estelle Scicluna  Very good in English, reads a lot and presents neat   work
4 Crin Bernette Abdilla  Always there to help others and participates in   lessons
4 Zipper Nikolai Micallef  For his motivation and participation in various   activities. For helping other students
5Alvin  & The Chipmunks Hayley Grech  Participation and improvement in her work
5Madagascar Aiden Briffa  Effort and improved behaviour
6Garfield Bernice Caruana  Excellent work especially in Mathematics
6 Popeye Agnes Agius  Neat presentation of work and willing to help others

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