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Batterina is back!

The Battery Collection Bin placed at the school’s entrance.

Ħal Għaxaq Primary school is taking part in the fifth National School Battery Collection Campaign organised by WasteServ.

The National School Battery Collection Campaign is aimed at all school children across the Maltese Islands from kinder up to post-secondary schools level.

To participate, students must affix a label on any bag of their choice (paper or plastic) on which they must write their contact details including: name and surname, name of school, class, home telephone number and number of batteries in the bag.

Students should put no less than 5 used batteries in each bag.  It is important that batteries are completely spent and spot checks will be conducted as a verification exercise on a random sample of batteries submitted for the competition.  When placing the batteries in the bag, students are requested to leave the batteries loose and avoid the use of tape.  This will facilitate the manual sorting process.

All bags must be deposited in the Batterina Bin which is placed in the school entrance.

WasteServ suggests that all bags should be adequately sealed using a stapler before being deposited in the bin to avoid any contamination from batteries.

Participants can fill as many bags as they like, as long as each bag has the label with the same details as explained above. The details must be clearly shown. The more batteries deposited, the greater their chances of winning one of the prizes!

The closing date for depositing batteries is Monday 2nd June 2014.

After the closing date, a lottery will be drawn where participants will have the chance to win one of the following prizes:
o First prize: iPod Touch
o Second prize: iPod Nano
o Third – 12th Prize: iPod Shuffle

Winners are only eligible to win one prize. If the same participant with multiple entries wins more than one prize, only the first prize adjudicated will be deemed as valid and subsequent prizes will be redrawn.

There is also a prize for the school which collects the largest amount of batteries (by weight per capita). The winning school will be awarded a prize of €2,500 to be used either in an educational project of an environmental/scientific nature or to be invested in school resources that are of benefit to the environment, ideally related to batteries or waste management.

Winners will be advised by telephone and announced in the media and on the WasteServ website.

The lottery is covered by a license from the Lotteries & Gaming Authority (DPL 27/2013).  All decisions relating to the selection of the winners  will be deemed as final. The draw is expected to be held in October 2014.

Click here to visit Batterina’s website.


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