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13 pupils from Ħal Għaxaq Primary for the Global Hand Washing Art Competition 2012

Ħal Għaxaq Primary School is participating actively in the Global Hand washing Day Art Competition.  You can help our students in this competition by ‘liking’ their artworks in the Junior 4 and Junior 5/6 categories.

Pupils participating on behalf of Ħal Għaxaq Primary School are:

Artworks in the Junior 4 category:

  • Kurt Abdilla (aged, 8) with ”Kieku tara l-mikrobi li jkollok ma’ idejk spiss taħsel idejk”;
  • Maverick Agius (aged, 8) with ”Let’s Give Everyone a clean hand”;
  • Maria Atanasio (aged, 8) with ”Clean Hands Save Lives”;
  • Luana Barbara (aged, 7) with ”Always wash your hands”;
  • Eleanor Borg (aged, 8) with ”Keep the germs away”;
  • Marco Coreschi (aged, 7) with ”M’hemmx għalfejn taħli wisq ilma biex taħsel idejk”;
  • Alessia Falzon (aged, 8) with ”Wash your hands all the time’‘;
  • Josmar Grixti (aged, 8) with ”Idejn Nodfa”;

Artworks in the Junior 5/6 category:

  • Steve Baldacchino (aged, 9) with ”We love to wash our hands’‘;
  • Isaac Camilleri (aged, 9) with ”Different Cultures for One Campaing: Global Hand Washing Day 2012”;
  • Casey Farrugia (aged, 10) with ”Say No to Germs, Prevent Nasty Diseases!”;
  • Randon Fenech (aged 9) with ”We wash our hands everyday at school and at home”;
  • Kieran Grech (aged, 8) with ”Say No to Germs, Wash your hands”;

Voting is very easy. All you need to do is to click here for the MMSA facebook page.  Like the MMSA-SCOPH facebook page. Click on the Global Hand Washing Day Art competition albums and like  your favourite artworks.

You can find the two albums here:
i. Click here for the Global Handwashing Day Art Competition: Junior 4 (Year 4) students ; and
ii. click here for the Global Handwashing Day Art Competition: Junior 5/6 (Year 5/6) students.

Voting starts on Monday 8th of October and ends on Sunday 14th of October at 20:00

Good luck to all participants!



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